Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus and the Future

As the world is practicing social distancing, mandatory quarantines, and more to combat the spread of the coronavirus, I find myself reflecting on what the future will be like.  My first thought is that life for Americans will permanently change just as it did after 9/11.  The social fabric will undergo a transformation, but what that will look like I don't know.  We can go in a positive direction where we become more neighborly, more helpful to others who are at risk, and more prepared as individuals and as a country for disruptions of many stripes.  Or we can become more cynical, less trustful, and more controlling over personal freedoms. 

South Korea has provided a glimpse of what a positive transformation could look like ( by maintaining an open society that is prepared and optimistic. Is this a model for the United States?  It certainly could be; however, like all societies across the globe, there are nuances and circumstances that make cookie-cutter solutions difficult to implement. 

On a personal note, though healthy (especially for a man about to turn 59 years of age), I am in a high-risk category because of my heart attack that destroyed the bottom of my left ventricle.  I have "heart disease" for the rest of my life, I am on blood thinners, and I have moderately reduced kidney function (a result of the heart attack).  All three issues put me at a higher risk of death if I contract the virus. I am also currently living in a hotel that no longer serves food and finding an apartment is more difficult because leasing offices are closing down.  I am working remotely, as are millions of Americans, so I am practicing social distancing.  Regardless of my personal circumstances, my aim and focus are on the future - building a better world centered on love and using my talents, skills, experience, and education to help others on many fronts and in all aspects of life - personal, professional, and spiritual.  Having an aim narrows one's life to the important things and helps in the avoidance of the trivial. 

God Bless, good luck, and keep in mind that we will get to the other side of this crisis.  Human beings have a HUGE capacity for resilience and perseverance.