Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The Collective Lie


I have a unique approach to interviewing job candidates that gets to the meat of the process immediately.  But more than that, my process gets to the truth which allows me to trust the remainder of the interview.  Prior to the interview, I will pick out a small part of their stated experience in their resume, most often something obscure and long ago.  I will ask the candidate to expand on that experience.  As they speak, I ask them to go further.  If they can keep going down the rabbit hole with me, I now know that I can trust the rest of the resume as being true.  This allows me to shelf the resume and spend the rest of the interview actually discussing the job and their thoughts on what they bring to it.  It has been a highly successful process for me and the quality of my hires has been top tier. I have successfully applied this approach to other areas of my life. 

An article was published in the January 2021 issue of the American Journal of Medicine, a respected peer-reviewed journal, that indicates hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a very effective component of an early intervention protocol for COVID-19 patients (  The article details a treatment algorithm for ambulatory patients (the vast majority of COVID-19 patients are ambulatory) where HCQ is a core component of the protocol.  Early on during the pandemic thousands of doctors worldwide were discussing the success of HCQ as an early intervention treatment, but those voices were shut down by a concerted effort between the mainstream media, big tech, governments, the CDC, and the WHO.  This suppression and censorship continued until this article was published.  Uneducated and uninformed citizens across the globe took to social media in droves to denounce those who touted HCQ as a treatment for COVID patients.  President Trump was derided for mentioning the treatment.  By July 2020 there were at least 65 studies worldwide indicating the efficacy of HCQ as an early intervention treatment, yet the suppression and censorship continued.

Now, apply my approach to discerning the truth to the COVID-19 situation and tell me what is believable when it comes to information coming from the mainstream media, big tech, governments, the CDC, and the WHO?  If what we were told about HCQ was a concerted lie, what else is a lie?  Can we trust anything else being told to us about COVID, the lockdowns, the masking, the numbers of cases and deaths, the cause of deaths, the origin of the virus, and biggest of all, the vaccines?  What about the riots, the election, the events of January 6th?  We are living through a collective lie that millions, and maybe billions, have bought into in a big Orwellian way. 


Epilogue – The initial lie was the most open and outrageous.  Early last year we were shown videos from China of people collapsing in the streets and being treated by emergency workers in hazmat suits, and dead bodies lying on the sidewalks of Wuhan.  We now know these videos to be false and out of context.  The collapsing people and emergency workers were from training films having nothing to do with COVID-19.  The dead bodies were actually people sleeping in a city 600 miles from Wuhan.  The purpose of this deception was to scare you into submission.  It was a purposeful and willful lie meant to ensure that the masses would comply with the oppressive policies fueled by the lies to come. 

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