Saturday, April 12, 2014

Brands and "anti" brands

With the exception of family and friends, I am not loyal to people or to organizations; however, certain brands have gained my trust (but not loyalty, they're two different things).  I like taking stock of my self every now and then, so I've listed some brands that I like right now and some "anti" brands (brands that I don't like right now).  I say right now because it may change, I may find better alternatives, or these brands may lose my ebbs and flows.  Try this exercise, it helps to explain who you are at this moment.

Brands that I like right now:

Kirkland dress shirts (Costco)
AAA Texas
Justin and Ariat boots
Levi's (501 button up fly)
Samsung High Definition TVs and DVD players
American Express
Taco Cabana
Saltgrass Steak House
Southwest Airlines
Indianapolis Colts
UTSA Roadrunners
Fender guitars
Mesa Boogie amps

"Anti" brands right now:

Apple (though I admired the late Steve Jobs' presentation skills)
American Airlines (though the U.S. Airways merger will probably change that)
U.S. Government agencies